Monday, March 25, 2013


Today makes 36 weeks and two days pregnant with twins. I have 10 more days until my scheduled c-section. Yay!! Was quite the busy day today. I went in at 9am to my checkup and the doctor did his normal thing. I'm measuring 42 weeks pregnant. Meaning I'm huge and uncomfortable.

The doctor asked about movement and I told him that I don't feel Caiden (baby b) nearly as much. He decided to send me over to triage at the hospital so that both babies could be monitored for about 30 minutes with a non stress test. Caiden passed, but Bryson didn't quite meet the requirements. Also, I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes apart. Not super painful though, just there and quite annoying. They sent me in for a biophysical, which is an ultrasound to check kick counts and watch the babies practice breathing, etc. They both did well and passed. They were also measured, which took forever and was super painful for me. Bryson's head is really low and they had a really hard time measuring it. Then Caiden's stomach was buried under my ribs. They had a rough time but the estimate in weight for Bryson is 6lbs 5oz and Caiden's is 6lbs 8oz. Huge!!! Amazing that my twins will be my biggest babies yet! Granted, I know these are just estimates, but still!

So my morning appointment started at 9am and I finally got to leave triage at 1pm. Thank goodness for spring break and the kids being home to help with Jaren! Since the boys passed, the doctor felt OK to send me home, even with my crazy amounts of contractions. I wasn't checked, so I have no idea if I've dilated any more or what. Basically, until I can't talk or walk through contractions I get to sit at home and hope that I can actually tell when I'm in labor. I don't want it to progress too far because it would be dangerous since I've had two c-sections already. So let's just hope that when the real deal starts, I will know for sure. Either way, my doctor is awesome for sending me in. So glad to see and hear that both of my boys are do really well even though they have no room at all. I think I'd be stressing out if it were me. So... Who knows if I will go in to labor soon or actually make it until April 4th. 10 days really isn't that far off... So exciting!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

36 Weeks With Twins

Yeah, I realize I suck at keeping up with updates. I can tell you all kinds of excuses, but I'll save both of our time and just say 'I'm lazy!'

Can you guys believe I've made it to 36 weeks?! How crazy and amazing is that?! We were so sure I wouldn't make it past 34 weeks, but here I am, miserable as can be, still cooking these boys! I guess my prayers were definitely answered! I wanted them to stay put to avoid the NICU and that's what they seem to be doing. Yeah, I've had my selfish moments where I'm screaming in my head, "Get out of there, already!" But we're doing great!

I'm completely off the progesterone and procardia. Yay! The doctor has even told me that at 36 weeks he doesn't care what I do. I can start dancing around the house if I want to. Yeah, if only you could see me now. Laying in my bed with terrible pelvic pain! Don't think I'll be breaking out the Dance Central today... or any day soon, actually. It's very tempting though! Maybe I'm still pregnant because I can hardly move and am always laying down. Makes me want to jump up and run a couple miles to get things going. Sigh...

Contractions are back with full force. Granted, even on the procardia they never really went away, just slowed down. I get one pretty much every 7-15 minutes. They don't let up, but they're not strong enough to send me to labor and delivery. Just my cranky uterus acting up again. Friday night I almost thought it was the night! They were coming every 4 minutes and they were pretty darn strong. Even my back was killing me! Yeah, as soon as I let Lee know what was going on, they became further apart and weaker. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut until it's time to go. Heck, since I've woken up they've not been too comfortable and between 5-10 minutes all day today. If only they'd be more consistent and get stronger...

Other issues... Loads of pressure, especially today, lots of contractions, wanting to nest but can't do crap because I'm just so big and sore. Heck, at 33 weeks Bryson was weighing 5lbs 4oz and Caiden 5lbs 9oz. They're still measuring ahead. We have another growth ultrasound tomorrow. I fear they may be getting close to 7 pounds. Don't get me wrong! That's fantastic! But I can't hold much more! They have no room as is. They can barely even move! Man, when they do it feels like they're trying to break out. When Bryson stretches I'm surprised he doesn't fall out he's so low. He's my little hiccup man. Always has them and then gets mad and goes crazy in there.

More pains... My entire lower stomach feels like a huge bruise. Oh, and my thighs. Just barely touching it hurts it's so sensitive. My pants hurt when they touch it so I have to wear them really low. Also my c-section scar burns! Which stinks for my pants there too because it's so low. I should just live in dresses. Besides, it's not like many of my maternity shirts actually cover up this big thing, anyway. I'm measuring around 43 weeks pregnant. Will find out for sure tomorrow. Lately I've been afraid to ask and he doesn't say unless I do. Don't blame him.

My autoimmune disease I have has been flaring up. This makes things so much worse. I should be hearing from my GI doctor tomorrow. He wanted to run tests before they decide what to do. Should have the results by tomorrow. I will be talking to my OBGYN doctor about it tomorrow as well. Gonna be lots of meds again. I was so happy to be in remission for most of my pregnancy and since my insurance wasn't paying for my meds I was on anymore I just stopped taking them. Safer for the babies, right? Not so sure now. Now that I'm flaring-up, it's sucking a lot out of me. So we'll see what everyone says tomorrow. Should be a big day with my OB appt, ultrasound, and talking with the GI! Oh the joy!

Either way, as miserable and in pain that I am in, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so excited and so blessed to be having twins. I can't wait until they're in my arms and I can see their little faces and kiss their noses. I get all excited just thinking about it. :-)

Sorry, no pictures today. I'm too lazy and sore to bother at the moment. :-P

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Appointment Fail

I went in yesterday for my 31 week appointment. I was extremely curious of what my doctor would say about my labor & delivery trip. Well, he didn't even have a clue. Had no idea I even went in. He asked if I was put on procardia to help with the contractions, and if they did an ultrasound to check the length of my cervix (sorry, Lee). I said nope to both but told him the nurse did check me and I was 1 cm dilated. So now I'm taking procardia every 8 hours and I will be doing that until 36 weeks. He didn't check me to see if I progressed anymore, I thought he would. He felt good that the fFN test was negative as well and said if it's true to its word then I should be good for another week and couple days. He told me it's crucial that I make it 2 more weeks and 5 days, which would put me at 34 weeks. After that we can relax. So I'm not allowed to do much at all until then. He also said that at 34 weeks we will be finished with the progesterone shots, but by 36 weeks, when I stop procardia, he doesn't care if I start dancing around the house to go into labor. Lol

Well, after my talk with him. The nurse came back in to give me my progesterone shot. I have a huge lump on my left side, we alternate sides each week, but it was lefties turn so I sucked it up. When the nurse first started, it burned, bad. I mean, it's never fun, but this was way worse. She slowed down once I nearly jumped off the floor. As soon as she was finished I started coughing. I felt a burning sensation going through my body and the cough got worse as I was walking out of the room. They didn't seem concerned, just told me to get water on my way out. I went out to the van and sat on the ground coughing so bad that I could barely breath. I almost threw up several times. I was lightheaded and felt as if I was going to pass out. It took a while for me to actually get in the van and drive home. I was still having problems breathing, but the coughing slowed down. I called the nurse because I still felt terrible, still was coughing, and just didn't feel normal. I have been having these shots since 18 weeks and never had any reaction like this. The nurse told me that it wasn't normal and if I continued to have problems breathing then to go to the ER. Needless to say, although I only had two shots to go, the doctor decided that I will have to take the progesterone a different way from now on. So starting next Monday I get to take a daily dose of it instead of getting the shots. Hopefully that will work better because this scared me to death. My tongue is now swollen and my throat is killing me, so I suppose I had an allergic reaction to it, though I don't know why because they've been fine before. Hopefully the daily dose won't give me any issues. Going off of progesterone can jump start labor and 32 weeks is still too early to have these babies.

Overall, I feel terrible. Walking hurts, sitting up for too long hurts, I'm so tired all the time, my ribs hurt, pelvic bone hurts, contractions are still coming regularly (despite the procardia and progesterone), breathing is getting harder. I can only breath well when I lay on my left side. I could keep going, but I've already made myself sound like a wuss. We're so close to the end and I couldn't be happier that I get to meet my boys soon enough! Can't wait to see their faces and hold them close. I can handle all my pains and troubles so long as they get to sleep in the hospital room with me and I can hold them soon after birth instead of them being rushed to the NICU. Just a few more weeks, boys!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

30 Week Update

30 weeks!! Can you believe it?! Actually, I'm slightly behind. I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow. I'm still in my 30th week, so I figured it was FINALLY time I do an update. There's so much to say, so this may end up being kinda long. I'm going to backtrack a tad as well. But not too far, so don't worry!!! On with the fun... First I'll share a couple shots of my big ol' belly.

30 weeks 5 days Pregnant with Twins
Jaren was mad because he wanted me to hold him.

I'm measuring around 39 weeks here. Biggest I've ever been! Oh, And I weigh a whopping 145lbs!!! I started at 105.

Ultrasound... My last ultrasound was when I was 29 weeks 4 days, so it's been a week and 2 days from now. The boys still looked great. This was the first time they didn't measure the same, but I know that the bigger they get, the harder it is to weigh them. Bryson weighed 3lbs 6oz. Really it was only his stomach that measured a little smaller, but he is pretty darn squished in there unlike Caiden who takes up most of the room. Caiden weighed in at 3lbs 11oz. They are both still measuring a week ahead. Definitely taking after their poppy! Probably good since I'm so small, though it makes the pregnancy much harder on their mommy! This is the most baby weight that I carried... not to mention the two placentas, two sacs with amniotic fluid and whatever else is in there! My body is not taking it all that well. Both boys still look completely healthy. We didn't get any pictures because they were both breech and looking toward my back. Bryson did get the hiccups once, so we saw him squirming around. He didn't look to happy about it either. Oh, and cervix length was 3.8. It went down from my normal 4.5, but still nothing to worry about, yet.

On to my 30 week appt (which was 30 weeks, 2 days). I still have my bazillion contractions. They're always worse at night. The doctor has been checking me every week to make sure I'm not dilated or anything. Well, since things still looked good at the ultrasound, he didn't check me. Once again he told me that the contractions are just a part of this pregnancy. My uterus is just cranky... Continue to take it easy, etc... I asked him when I will be done with my progesterone shots and he said 34 weeks. Not many more!!! Thank goodness because the injection area is super bruised and lumpy and it just really hurts now. They've been fine for a while, but I think they finally caught up and are now completely sore. I can manage that and the contractions, though, as long as these boys stay still for another few weeks.

At 30 weeks 4 days, 2 days after my appt, I started having contractions every 2 minutes apart. They weren't super painful, but they were frequent and they did take my breath away. I can usually get them up to 5 minutes apart some nights and a bath or water can slow them down, but this time nothing slowed them. I finally called and they sent me to l&d. The nurse was awesome. She had so much patience. It took FOREVER for her to find both babies. Well, she found them both, but it took forever to find their different heartbeats so she could monitor them. She had to call another nurse in to help her. Apparently their heartbeats were so similar that it was hard to distinguish the two. Finally she got them and left me laying there for 20-30 minutes, without moving for fear we'd lose the heartbeats again, so she could monitor us and see what was going on. Sure enough, I was having contractions every few minutes. Every 8 minutes or so I would have stronger ones and in between those I would have a couple small ones. She gave me a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions, which didn't work and just made my heart race, but it was worth a try. She also did an exam and tests to see if I was possibly in labor. The fFN test came back negative, which is great news and should mean I am good for another week or two and she also checked for any infections, which came back negative as well. Yay! But when she checked my cervix I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. That scared me because it means the contractions are doing a little something down there. I know you can sit at this for weeks and be just fine, but last week I wasn't dilated and I was 0% effaced. They strapped me up again, which took a bit to get both babies settled once again, and made me lay there without moving again for another 30 minutes. The babies' hearts looked great, but the contractions continued. The on-call doctor, who I never even saw, said she felt great about the fFN test and felt I should be good until my 31 check-up with my regular doctor. I thought she'd put me on bed rest, but she didn't. I'm not doing much anymore, anyway. I want these boys to, at the very least, make it to 34 weeks, 36 would be so much better though. She also said that she wants me to come in before 34 weeks to get the steroid shots to help the babies' lungs, since it seems I will be delivering them somewhat early. I guess that also depends on if my doctor feels the same way about the steroid shots. You never know. Doctors are so different. The nurse thought the doctor would put me on Procardia to help with the contractions, but she said it's not needed at the moment. Basically she sent me home having lots of contractions and nothing to do about it. That's fine though because I have faith all will be good because of the negative fFN test. Overall, I was there for about 3-4 hours. It was nice to at least check out the hospital since I'd never been there before.

Contractions are still coming and going, but they haven't been as bad since that night. The on-call doctor told me that unless my water breaks, there's blood, or the contractions get super strong (since they were considered mild) then I should come in. She said that I'm just stuck with all these contractions, which is the same thing my regular doctor said as well. As long as I make it just 3 more weeks I think I'm OK. Wow. That really isn't that far away. Hopefully we'll go longer than 34 weeks though so there won't be any NICU time whatsoever.

Oh! And I had my baby shower! It was super fun. There were maybe 10 to 15 who came and we (or I did) had a blast. The desserts were perfect and I got so many cute outfits, blankets, towels, diapers, and several more things. Olivia took a few pictures, so I will share them with you all!


Obviously I don't have a picture of everything up here, but here's a few pictures that turned out cute (Olivia took the pictures...). It was super fun and I'm truly grateful for my ward for doing this for me. They help me out so much. A couple people come to help me clean, I get meals at least once a week, and they help me watch Jaren when I have an appointment. Love my ward and the new friends I've made here in Bend. Speaking of which, I have a girls night tonight watching a chick flick at a friends house. Should be super fun!!

There's still so much I need to do and get, but yet I've been slacking horribly. I did order the 2nd car seat today, now I need to focus on washing clothes, getting the room set up, and washing the swing, other car seat, bouncer, etc... Wish me luck!

Monday, January 14, 2013

26 Week Update

As of today I'm 26 weeks, 2 days pregnant with the twins! We're getting there! If they come like Olivia and Jaren then I have 9 weeks left. No telling if they'll come sooner or later though. The boys look great! Our last weigh in was at 24 weeks, 4 days and they were still measuring a week ahead, weighing in at 1lb 14 oz each. Gonna be big boys! They're definitely over 2lbs by now. Then they were both breech, but I had a feeling that they both moved. One day there was some crazy movements going on in there and I swear I felt Bryson flip. Not to mention the shape of my stomach looked completely different afterward. And after that I couldn't feel Caiden in the same place as before either. He wasn't beating up my ribs as often. I was starting to get worried about him. Well, the doctor did his quick ultrasound today at my appointment and, sure enough, Bryson is head down. He said Caiden looked mostly head down as well, but kinda sideways... He said he was having a hard time figuring Caiden out. It even took him a few minutes to find his heart, which scared me to death since I wasn't sure if I was feeling him much lately, but he found it and he's just fine! Whew! Just trying to scare mom half to death is all.

My contractions have gotten worse. There were around 3 times that I almost called the doctor, but waited. Friday night I was having contractions every 5 minutes for about an hour. I drank tons of water, which didn't change anything, then I soaked in the bath, which slowed them down to about 15 to 20 minutes. So I ended up not having to call. Yay! Saturday and Sunday evenings were similar, ranged from anywhere between 7 to 12 minutes. But they were pretty sporadic, so I dealt with them. Figured I'd bring them up at my appointment today. I was glad to have my OB back today since my last two appointments were with someone else. Really like him! He did a fetal fibronectin test to see if there was a chance of me going into labor in the next two weeks. Haven't gotten the results back yet, but I think we're safe. Cervix is still thick and everything, but he said there's no telling when that could change because of all the contractions. He said that I have a cranky uterus and, for now, everything looks fine. I asked him how I'm supposed to know when to call, and he said that if I'm having my 5-10 minute contractions and after water and laying down doesn't seem to help them go away, then to call him. Better safe than sorry, he said. Glad he won't get annoyed with me because I'm sure it's only going to get worse. He told me to become a couch potato and take it super easy. He didn't say bed rest, yet, so that's good.

The contractions suck, but not really painfully yet. They take my breath away and I'm starting to feel the dull ache in my back, which is why this weekend I was so nervous. Pelvic pain is still there. Hard to roll over in bed or put pants on, but I can still walk around and be fine. Exhaustion is still ruling my life, but I'm taking it pretty easy most days. Overall I suppose I'm doing well considering... Oh, and walking too far makes me feel like I ran a marathon. Heck, I've gained 38lbs, so what do you expect? Haha. Eating is getting difficult because I'm pretty much out of room in there, so I have to eat many small meals a day. Heartburn is a nightmare too. I'm sure I could gripe for hours, but I'm doing well and I'm still moving around, so I'm good! :-)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing our BOYS

Bryson Lee
aka Baby A

Bryson's profile.

No denying that he's a boy!

3D Picture of Bryson! (Lee thinks the 3d pictures look creepy =-P)

Caiden Lee
aka Baby B

Caiden's profile! He may be a thumb sucker. =-)

He was not shy at all. He kept showing us that he's for sure a boy!

We couldn't get him to move his hands away from his face. =-)

  Can you believe it?! 4 boys and 1 girl! It's going to be a crazy house, but I know that I'm going to LOVE every moment of it! Well, we'll see when I have all 3 of the younger boys fighting nonstop. =-)There's nothing like momma's boys, though! Lee's trying to decide whether Caiden or Bryson will be either the quarterback or the wide receiver. He has it all planned out and is determined that these boys will take us to state! lol

I told Olivia that I'm going to have to start putting huge bows in her hair and buy her some fluffy, girly dresses to get the want of a girl out of my system but, being almost 11, she wouldn't go for it. Ha! 4 brothers for her! Actually 5, if you count her other brother, Gabriel. WOW! She wanted a sister, but I think she's coming to terms with the fact that she's the only girl. I'm already over it! How can I not be? Look at these guys! I love my boys! All four of them! Four boys to send on a mission, too! Wow! It's going to be hard enough when Kaleb leaves, then Jaren, then I have to send two at once! God must have a plan for them. =-)

Since I'm so far behind, I will backtrack to my last doctors appointment at 18 weeks 2 days. I went in, waited for the doctor, and when he came in he sat down to talk to me for a few before we did the other fun stuff. He then told me that I've gained quite a bit of weight, but he's not too worried about it yet (25lbs already!) and then informed me that I was to start my progesterone shots that day. I told him that I'm still getting quite a few contractions and I've been having pretty bad pelvic pain. He said that I probably have an irritable uterus, and we'll probably check my cervix (Lee hates when I write/say that word) every two weeks to make sure the contractions aren't doing any damage. So far they're not! Finally, I get on the table and he measures my stomach, says I'm showing a little ahead, then breaks out the doppler and finds a heartbeat. He said that the heartbeat sounds great. Yay! He starts putting the doppler away and I said, "So are we going to find the other heartbeat?" He normally brings in his ancient ultrasound machine to find their heartbeats because it's hard to know who's who when using the doppler. After I said that, it suddenly clicked, though he played it totally cool, that I'm having twins! DUH! My doctor completely forgot, or didn't see it on my file, or something. lol. I think he felt better about my weight gain after remembering that. He didn't admit to me that he forgot, just quickly rolled in the ultrasound machine and checked for their heartbeats. He had a hard time finding Caiden's heartbeat because he was jumping around so much (which, to me, obviously showed that he had a heartbeat!) After that the doc ordered my big ultrasound, the anatomy scan. I got my shot, which stings and makes me even more sleepy, but it's not that bad... yet. I suppose we will see once I keep getting the shot in the same place after a month. I just got my second shot yesterday. Have to go in and get it every Monday. It's for the boys!

So, on to my ultrasound! You've seen the pictures. The lady gave us a LOT of pictures. I only added a few. The ultrasound went well! It looks like both of the boys are healthy! It didn't show anything wrong with either of them. SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT! Let's hope and pray that it stays that way. They both weigh the same. 8 oz. They're still so tiny! But, yet, I'm HUGE! I suppose I do have two sacs that both have lots of amniotic fluid and two placentas... That's gotta be some of that 25lbs, right? They're measuring a week ahead. I was 18 weeks, 5 days and they both measured right around 19 weeks, 5 days to 20 weeks. Makes me wonder if my due date should be moved up. When I first learned there were 2 of them at almost 8 weeks they were measuring 5 days ahead. Either way, they'll come when they come... hopefully, at the very least, 34 weeks. I would be ok with that. NO EARLIER, BOYS! The ultrasound took a LONG time. Bryson was moving around, and I warned her that at every ultrasound I've had so far, Caiden was the hyper one. hehe. He didn't disappoint. He kept flipping and turning and just LOVED giving her a hard time. It's amazing to already know which one of my boys is going to be the more active one. Maybe they'll prove me wrong, though. Bryson is usually just chilling in there. =-)

I'm doing well. Exhausted, sore, HUGE... By the evening I have a hard time getting around. I'm only 19 and a half weeks and am already having a rough time. Really makes me dread the time to come. I am so afraid of how big I'm going to get. I'm already knocking on how big I was at 8 months with Jaren. It's crazy, really. I started out at 103lbs and now weigh 128lbs and I'm only half way there! Granted, I doubt I'll make it to 38 weeks, anyway. BUT STILL! Most of the time I don't feel like doing much of anything but laying here and staring into space. You'd think all this laziness would have me reading and crocheting like mad. I get so exhausted just from crocheting, and I just can't seem to concentrate on reading. If I try to clean I can barely move afterward and get loads of contractions. Lee's pretty much banned me from doing much of that. Needless to say, the house isn't in the best shape. I'd rather my house go to heck than this pregnancy though. My main focus is keeping these boys in and keeping me healthy. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing this for our boys... and that this is my LAST pregnancy! I can do it. I get nervous when I feel miserable because I know I have a LONG time to go, but I know that I can do it... with the help of my family. The kids have pretty much taken over most of the cleaning, so it's not great, but at least they help! So happy to have my older kids here to help me out so much. Love them so much! Yes, I may feel miserable, can barely sleep, and am completely uncomfortable, but I'm extremely happy! I'm happy that I have such an amazing husband! He really is amazing. He works so hard, then comes home and usually has to cook us dinner, and he has a pretty big calling in the church. He's always so busy and doesn't even complain about it. I make myself feel bad that I can't do too much right now, but he makes me feel like I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing. Man, I love him with all my heart! He truly is amazing and I'm completely lucky to have him. I don't usually get all gushy like this... Now I'm all teary eyed... Hope he doesn't read this. haha!

Kaleb and Olivia are so much help. They may hate all the slack they've picked up, but they understand why they're doing it and they hardly ever give me a hard time about it. Granted, they know better. Jaren has been really attached to me lately. And he's gotten this little attitude, which is super cute coming from him, but still something we need to put a stop to. He likes to yell 'STOP' at everyone and can be a total turd. lol. He's still a good boy, he just has his dad's temper, I suppose. ;-) Still think it's cute at times. On another note, Jaren peed in the potty yesterday! He will sit on it because he thinks it's fun, but he's never actually used it and we've not ever tried to push him to use it. We only got it because he was interested in the big potty. He told us last night he needed to pee, which he does often, and we took his diaper off and set him on there. He usually just sits there for a long time and eventually comes out. We all left him to it and suddenly we hear him say, "Went pee". Kaleb went in there and, sure enough, he actually did go pee in the potty. Didn't make a mess or anything! He's not even 2 yet! I thought it was pretty amazing. We all went in once we heard Kaleb and started cheering and laughing. Poor kid. hehe. At least he seemed to enjoy our intrusion.

Welp, that's it for now! I go in to see my doctor every 2 weeks now, and I'm going to start getting ultrasounds every few weeks as well. They want to keep track of the twins growth and any other changes. Now's the time they REALLY start to watch everything to make sure they're both growing the same and I'm not going into preterm labor and such. I also go in once a week for my shots. LOTS of appointments for me from now until the end. I'm glad because I like to know that they're both looking great. Until next time.... =-P

Friday, November 2, 2012

Slackard is Back!

I have been wanting to post for a while, but I wanted to wait until I scanned my last ultrasound pictures. I finally gave up and just used my phone to take pictures. Yeah, I'm lazy. This may end up being a long post, but maybe not. So far Jaren is infatuated with Dora at the moment.

Yep, babies are the size of avocados now.  
Tomorrow I will be 16 weeks! Yay! Getting there! Kind of... 22 more weeks to go since the doctor won't let me go past 38 weeks. If they come around 35 weeks, like the rest, then I suppose I'm getting kinda close to half way there. As long as they wait until they're healthy and ready!

I'm a couple weeks late on these pictures, but I want to share them, anyway. This was at 13 weeks, 5 days.

Their heads are together! Aww!

What cute profiles!

13 Weeks and 5 Days
 Can't believe this has already been two weeks ago. They are growing so fast. And so am I. I look over 20 weeks pregnant! I keep meaning to make a kid take a picture when my hair isn't a rats nest and I'm not wearing my pajamas... which isn't very often. I will try to remember next time I actually dress up.

The tech did take a guess on their genders, but he said it's just a guess this early. He was more sure about one than the other. I'm not ready to share until we know for sure. Either way we go, I know I will be excited. If they're two girls then I get to make bows and dresses and headbands and play with their hair and buy cute dresses. If they're two boys then Lee will get his quarterback and wide receiver and they'll be the champs of high school football. If they're one of each, then we have our football player and our cheerleader who will be cheering her brother on. They all sound fun. Just can't wait to know for sure!

My last doctors appointment was about a week ago. Everything is looking good. He always does a quick ultrasound on his dinosaur machine to check heartbeats. One was sleeping away while the other was jumping around. Too precious. He says I'm gaining great (15 lbs already = O, sheesh!). Yep, I've already started to waddle around the house and I'm only 16 weeks! lol! He also changed when I will start taking my progesterone shots. Apparently I will be starting them at 18 weeks (only two more weeks!) instead of 20. Oh, and I got the medicine in the mail a few days ago. I wasn't sure if I would be going in and the nurse would be giving me the shots, or if I would be doing it at home. I suppose this means I will be doing it at home. Now I will have to see if Lee can give me the shot (yeah right) or if I am going to have to reach behind and try to get it in the right spot myself. Or maybe Olivia can do it. lol. So not looking forward to this, but I am willing to do anything to keep these babies in as long as possible. I may have a very tender tush, though.

How I'm feeling... Tired, hungry, lazy, exhausted, sore, and just... bleh. Nah, I suppose it's not that bad. Pelvic bone doesn't feel too great, which causes me to walk slowly and waddle by the end of the day. This morning I picked up my laundry from my room and started the washer. Completely out of breath afterward. It's not like that's a hard chore!!!! Last night I actually cooked (even if it was a small meal) and attempted to clean the kitchen afterward. Got the pots and pans cleaned, started cleaning the counters and I felt a sharp pain, then started having Braxton Hicks contractions about every 15 to 20 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't finish the kitchen. I drank my water and laid on my left side for the rest of the night. Sleep made the contractions finally stop. Google says it's normal to feel them so early with twins, though. I have an app so I can time them and keep watch. I got them all the time with Jaren after 20 weeks. I don't think I freaked out as bad. I had more than 6 an hour with him often, but I'm way too scared to let it slide this time. Not that Jaren wasn't as important, I just knew I was fine. But even if I feel that way this time and I have more than 6 an hour, I'm calling my doctor. I don't want to take any chances when they could have prevented them from coming early. I will take bed rest over them being in the NICU (or worse) for months any day.

I'm banned from carrying Jaren. We cuddle on the couch a lot to make up for it. I have my watchers at church now to make sure I'm not carrying him. Everyone there really is trying to help me out and take care of me. Love this ward! Just like my last ward and them helping me when I was completely sick and in the hospital in June. Maybe I just love my church and the members of it! Lee and Olivia watch me like a hawk, to make sure I'm not doing too much. It's cute when Olivia freaks out if I pick Jaren up for just a second. I have to pick him up every now and then, but I am trying not to carry him anymore. He's been amazing at just holding my hand. Love that boy so much! He's been really clingy to me lately and a bit emotional. I don't know what's going on, but I know it will pass. Poor boy is getting pushed right into the middle child. Doesn't matter. He's still my boy, even though he doesn't like to admit it and yells, "Papa's boy", while shaking his finger at me all the time. hehe. Just like a boy.

Another thing that's been bothering me is this spasm type thing on my left side of my stomach, right below my ribcage. No idea what it is. It's sharp, strong, and really fast. If I twist wrong then it will happen. My guess is that my insides are being pushed up way faster than normal this time and that's causing it? It's happened on my right side a few times as well, but it's usually on my left, a few times a day. It makes me jump every time. Another thing to mention to the doctor at my next appointment, November 19th, I suppose. So far away! During that appointment he should order my ultrasound so I can schedule it shortly after. Can't wait for the big ultrasound!!

That's all I've got for now! More or less me babbling on about... stuff. =-)