Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet The Doctor! Beware, LONG!

Finally!! I felt like the last several weeks took forever! I have been dying to actually meet the doctor that would be taking care of me and these little guys. That and I had SOOOO many questions. The awesome thing, I didn't really have to ask him much, he went over everything before I even had a chance to ask. For once I think I may actually like my OBGYN! That'll be a first. Never really got to know my other ones and they never really gave me the time of day. This doctor spent about an hour with me, talking to me, reassuring me, and just being super nice! I feel so much better after this appointment. So... Who's dying to know how it went?!  I know you all are! Probably just my excitement assuming everyone's curious. =-P

So far I'm looking healthy. My Ulcerative Colitis is doing just fine (and I'm even eating bread again!). I'm no longer anemic, blood pressure looks great, etc... Overall in good health! First I met with the doctor. He basically told me that my uterus is like a one car garage, but two cars are trying to be parked there at once. haha. That was reassuring! He told me that because twins are more of a risk I will have more doctor visits, more ultrasounds, and so on. I already knew this stuff. But he won't start keeping a closer eye on me until I reach 20 weeks. So for now I will be meeting with him every 4 weeks, then it will drop to probably every other week. I go in at 14 weeks (I'm 10 weeks and 5 days today) for an ultrasound to check on growth, cervical length and all that jazz. And then again around 18 weeks (to find out the gender of the babies!). I'm measuring around 15 weeks (4 weeks ahead!) which is probably why I'm already so big! He said that's perfect since I'm carrying two. I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to find the heartbeats with the Doppler and, apparently, he felt the same way, so he rolled in a ten year old ultrasound machine and we found the babies and their heartbeats! They look fantastic. We looked at Baby A and it was jumping up and down, then he went to Baby B and it was pretty much do the same as its twin. Last time they were too tiny to really see much and I couldn't really see them move, so it was super exciting to see them bouncing around in there. They look great!! They definitely look like babies now! I have been so nervous that something would happen to one but they both look fantastic. We didn't do any measuring or pictures, just did it long enough to see two little heartbeats. He said that each time I go in for a visit he will do a quick ultrasound just to check their heartbeats. Then I will have my bigger and better ultrasounds at a different place to check growth and the other important things. Sounds like I get to see these babies often!

Because I have a history of preterm labor he wants to start me on progesterone shots at 20 weeks. He said that it decreases my chances of preterm labor by 30%. I will do anything to keep these babies in as long as I can!! He told me that he will not let me go past April 6th, though. He said at 38 weeks we will have to go ahead and have the c-section because keeping them in longer could be risky. So, even though my due date is April 20th, they will be out on or before the 6th... if I can even make it that far. I've yet to make it to 38 weeks. He said his goal is to at least get me to April, though. It would be almost weird to actually have a baby the month they were due. All my kids have come the month before their due date month. Would be kinda funny if I actually make it to the month with twins! He told me that they will be constantly watching me, that I will be extremely well known in the office and at the ultrasound office because I will be in and out so often and he said everyone watches out for their twin moms. I am so glad that this is the doctor they picked for me. He seems to be exactly what I needed.

About the birth... Doc said that if I'd only had one c-section then we could try for a vbac, but I've had two so it would be safer to have a c-section. I wasn't expecting anything different, anyway. I was actually shocked that he'd be willing to try for a vbac with twins if I already had one. So many moms-to-be of twins have complained that their doctor automatically wants them to have a c-section because it's twins even if they've never had a c-section before, so I think it's great that he's all for the vbacs. I knew I would have to have a c-section. I'm ok with that. With Jaren the hospital I gave birth to him in wouldn't even let me try for a vbac even though I had already had a successful one already. Like I said, I'm fine knowing that we'll have a c-section. I wasn't expecting anything different. Besides, I told him while they're in there to go ahead and tie my tubes because this is it! 5 kids is plenty! Heck, we were done after this pregnancy even before we knew it was twins. Actually, he brought it up and I hurriedly said, "Yes, TIE THE TUBES!" haha.

Still feeling very much pregnant. I'm excited to almost be in the second trimester. So ready for the first to be over. I'm also, ALREADY, feeling the babies. It's like little bubbles. Especially right now. The laptop tray is pressed against them and I keep feeling little bubbles or butterflies in the same spots. It's cute now, but I know when they get bigger they're going to be keeping me up all night.

Jaren had a fun day hanging out with a friend while I was at my doctors appointment. Lolli took him to the library to listen to music, to the park and to McDonald's. He totally got spoiled and loved it! So glad he had a great day and wasn't stuck in the boring office with me. THANKS, LOLLI!!!

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