Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing our BOYS

Bryson Lee
aka Baby A

Bryson's profile.

No denying that he's a boy!

3D Picture of Bryson! (Lee thinks the 3d pictures look creepy =-P)

Caiden Lee
aka Baby B

Caiden's profile! He may be a thumb sucker. =-)

He was not shy at all. He kept showing us that he's for sure a boy!

We couldn't get him to move his hands away from his face. =-)

  Can you believe it?! 4 boys and 1 girl! It's going to be a crazy house, but I know that I'm going to LOVE every moment of it! Well, we'll see when I have all 3 of the younger boys fighting nonstop. =-)There's nothing like momma's boys, though! Lee's trying to decide whether Caiden or Bryson will be either the quarterback or the wide receiver. He has it all planned out and is determined that these boys will take us to state! lol

I told Olivia that I'm going to have to start putting huge bows in her hair and buy her some fluffy, girly dresses to get the want of a girl out of my system but, being almost 11, she wouldn't go for it. Ha! 4 brothers for her! Actually 5, if you count her other brother, Gabriel. WOW! She wanted a sister, but I think she's coming to terms with the fact that she's the only girl. I'm already over it! How can I not be? Look at these guys! I love my boys! All four of them! Four boys to send on a mission, too! Wow! It's going to be hard enough when Kaleb leaves, then Jaren, then I have to send two at once! God must have a plan for them. =-)

Since I'm so far behind, I will backtrack to my last doctors appointment at 18 weeks 2 days. I went in, waited for the doctor, and when he came in he sat down to talk to me for a few before we did the other fun stuff. He then told me that I've gained quite a bit of weight, but he's not too worried about it yet (25lbs already!) and then informed me that I was to start my progesterone shots that day. I told him that I'm still getting quite a few contractions and I've been having pretty bad pelvic pain. He said that I probably have an irritable uterus, and we'll probably check my cervix (Lee hates when I write/say that word) every two weeks to make sure the contractions aren't doing any damage. So far they're not! Finally, I get on the table and he measures my stomach, says I'm showing a little ahead, then breaks out the doppler and finds a heartbeat. He said that the heartbeat sounds great. Yay! He starts putting the doppler away and I said, "So are we going to find the other heartbeat?" He normally brings in his ancient ultrasound machine to find their heartbeats because it's hard to know who's who when using the doppler. After I said that, it suddenly clicked, though he played it totally cool, that I'm having twins! DUH! My doctor completely forgot, or didn't see it on my file, or something. lol. I think he felt better about my weight gain after remembering that. He didn't admit to me that he forgot, just quickly rolled in the ultrasound machine and checked for their heartbeats. He had a hard time finding Caiden's heartbeat because he was jumping around so much (which, to me, obviously showed that he had a heartbeat!) After that the doc ordered my big ultrasound, the anatomy scan. I got my shot, which stings and makes me even more sleepy, but it's not that bad... yet. I suppose we will see once I keep getting the shot in the same place after a month. I just got my second shot yesterday. Have to go in and get it every Monday. It's for the boys!

So, on to my ultrasound! You've seen the pictures. The lady gave us a LOT of pictures. I only added a few. The ultrasound went well! It looks like both of the boys are healthy! It didn't show anything wrong with either of them. SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT! Let's hope and pray that it stays that way. They both weigh the same. 8 oz. They're still so tiny! But, yet, I'm HUGE! I suppose I do have two sacs that both have lots of amniotic fluid and two placentas... That's gotta be some of that 25lbs, right? They're measuring a week ahead. I was 18 weeks, 5 days and they both measured right around 19 weeks, 5 days to 20 weeks. Makes me wonder if my due date should be moved up. When I first learned there were 2 of them at almost 8 weeks they were measuring 5 days ahead. Either way, they'll come when they come... hopefully, at the very least, 34 weeks. I would be ok with that. NO EARLIER, BOYS! The ultrasound took a LONG time. Bryson was moving around, and I warned her that at every ultrasound I've had so far, Caiden was the hyper one. hehe. He didn't disappoint. He kept flipping and turning and just LOVED giving her a hard time. It's amazing to already know which one of my boys is going to be the more active one. Maybe they'll prove me wrong, though. Bryson is usually just chilling in there. =-)

I'm doing well. Exhausted, sore, HUGE... By the evening I have a hard time getting around. I'm only 19 and a half weeks and am already having a rough time. Really makes me dread the time to come. I am so afraid of how big I'm going to get. I'm already knocking on how big I was at 8 months with Jaren. It's crazy, really. I started out at 103lbs and now weigh 128lbs and I'm only half way there! Granted, I doubt I'll make it to 38 weeks, anyway. BUT STILL! Most of the time I don't feel like doing much of anything but laying here and staring into space. You'd think all this laziness would have me reading and crocheting like mad. I get so exhausted just from crocheting, and I just can't seem to concentrate on reading. If I try to clean I can barely move afterward and get loads of contractions. Lee's pretty much banned me from doing much of that. Needless to say, the house isn't in the best shape. I'd rather my house go to heck than this pregnancy though. My main focus is keeping these boys in and keeping me healthy. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing this for our boys... and that this is my LAST pregnancy! I can do it. I get nervous when I feel miserable because I know I have a LONG time to go, but I know that I can do it... with the help of my family. The kids have pretty much taken over most of the cleaning, so it's not great, but at least they help! So happy to have my older kids here to help me out so much. Love them so much! Yes, I may feel miserable, can barely sleep, and am completely uncomfortable, but I'm extremely happy! I'm happy that I have such an amazing husband! He really is amazing. He works so hard, then comes home and usually has to cook us dinner, and he has a pretty big calling in the church. He's always so busy and doesn't even complain about it. I make myself feel bad that I can't do too much right now, but he makes me feel like I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing. Man, I love him with all my heart! He truly is amazing and I'm completely lucky to have him. I don't usually get all gushy like this... Now I'm all teary eyed... Hope he doesn't read this. haha!

Kaleb and Olivia are so much help. They may hate all the slack they've picked up, but they understand why they're doing it and they hardly ever give me a hard time about it. Granted, they know better. Jaren has been really attached to me lately. And he's gotten this little attitude, which is super cute coming from him, but still something we need to put a stop to. He likes to yell 'STOP' at everyone and can be a total turd. lol. He's still a good boy, he just has his dad's temper, I suppose. ;-) Still think it's cute at times. On another note, Jaren peed in the potty yesterday! He will sit on it because he thinks it's fun, but he's never actually used it and we've not ever tried to push him to use it. We only got it because he was interested in the big potty. He told us last night he needed to pee, which he does often, and we took his diaper off and set him on there. He usually just sits there for a long time and eventually comes out. We all left him to it and suddenly we hear him say, "Went pee". Kaleb went in there and, sure enough, he actually did go pee in the potty. Didn't make a mess or anything! He's not even 2 yet! I thought it was pretty amazing. We all went in once we heard Kaleb and started cheering and laughing. Poor kid. hehe. At least he seemed to enjoy our intrusion.

Welp, that's it for now! I go in to see my doctor every 2 weeks now, and I'm going to start getting ultrasounds every few weeks as well. They want to keep track of the twins growth and any other changes. Now's the time they REALLY start to watch everything to make sure they're both growing the same and I'm not going into preterm labor and such. I also go in once a week for my shots. LOTS of appointments for me from now until the end. I'm glad because I like to know that they're both looking great. Until next time.... =-P

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