Friday, November 2, 2012

Slackard is Back!

I have been wanting to post for a while, but I wanted to wait until I scanned my last ultrasound pictures. I finally gave up and just used my phone to take pictures. Yeah, I'm lazy. This may end up being a long post, but maybe not. So far Jaren is infatuated with Dora at the moment.

Yep, babies are the size of avocados now.  
Tomorrow I will be 16 weeks! Yay! Getting there! Kind of... 22 more weeks to go since the doctor won't let me go past 38 weeks. If they come around 35 weeks, like the rest, then I suppose I'm getting kinda close to half way there. As long as they wait until they're healthy and ready!

I'm a couple weeks late on these pictures, but I want to share them, anyway. This was at 13 weeks, 5 days.

Their heads are together! Aww!

What cute profiles!

13 Weeks and 5 Days
 Can't believe this has already been two weeks ago. They are growing so fast. And so am I. I look over 20 weeks pregnant! I keep meaning to make a kid take a picture when my hair isn't a rats nest and I'm not wearing my pajamas... which isn't very often. I will try to remember next time I actually dress up.

The tech did take a guess on their genders, but he said it's just a guess this early. He was more sure about one than the other. I'm not ready to share until we know for sure. Either way we go, I know I will be excited. If they're two girls then I get to make bows and dresses and headbands and play with their hair and buy cute dresses. If they're two boys then Lee will get his quarterback and wide receiver and they'll be the champs of high school football. If they're one of each, then we have our football player and our cheerleader who will be cheering her brother on. They all sound fun. Just can't wait to know for sure!

My last doctors appointment was about a week ago. Everything is looking good. He always does a quick ultrasound on his dinosaur machine to check heartbeats. One was sleeping away while the other was jumping around. Too precious. He says I'm gaining great (15 lbs already = O, sheesh!). Yep, I've already started to waddle around the house and I'm only 16 weeks! lol! He also changed when I will start taking my progesterone shots. Apparently I will be starting them at 18 weeks (only two more weeks!) instead of 20. Oh, and I got the medicine in the mail a few days ago. I wasn't sure if I would be going in and the nurse would be giving me the shots, or if I would be doing it at home. I suppose this means I will be doing it at home. Now I will have to see if Lee can give me the shot (yeah right) or if I am going to have to reach behind and try to get it in the right spot myself. Or maybe Olivia can do it. lol. So not looking forward to this, but I am willing to do anything to keep these babies in as long as possible. I may have a very tender tush, though.

How I'm feeling... Tired, hungry, lazy, exhausted, sore, and just... bleh. Nah, I suppose it's not that bad. Pelvic bone doesn't feel too great, which causes me to walk slowly and waddle by the end of the day. This morning I picked up my laundry from my room and started the washer. Completely out of breath afterward. It's not like that's a hard chore!!!! Last night I actually cooked (even if it was a small meal) and attempted to clean the kitchen afterward. Got the pots and pans cleaned, started cleaning the counters and I felt a sharp pain, then started having Braxton Hicks contractions about every 15 to 20 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't finish the kitchen. I drank my water and laid on my left side for the rest of the night. Sleep made the contractions finally stop. Google says it's normal to feel them so early with twins, though. I have an app so I can time them and keep watch. I got them all the time with Jaren after 20 weeks. I don't think I freaked out as bad. I had more than 6 an hour with him often, but I'm way too scared to let it slide this time. Not that Jaren wasn't as important, I just knew I was fine. But even if I feel that way this time and I have more than 6 an hour, I'm calling my doctor. I don't want to take any chances when they could have prevented them from coming early. I will take bed rest over them being in the NICU (or worse) for months any day.

I'm banned from carrying Jaren. We cuddle on the couch a lot to make up for it. I have my watchers at church now to make sure I'm not carrying him. Everyone there really is trying to help me out and take care of me. Love this ward! Just like my last ward and them helping me when I was completely sick and in the hospital in June. Maybe I just love my church and the members of it! Lee and Olivia watch me like a hawk, to make sure I'm not doing too much. It's cute when Olivia freaks out if I pick Jaren up for just a second. I have to pick him up every now and then, but I am trying not to carry him anymore. He's been amazing at just holding my hand. Love that boy so much! He's been really clingy to me lately and a bit emotional. I don't know what's going on, but I know it will pass. Poor boy is getting pushed right into the middle child. Doesn't matter. He's still my boy, even though he doesn't like to admit it and yells, "Papa's boy", while shaking his finger at me all the time. hehe. Just like a boy.

Another thing that's been bothering me is this spasm type thing on my left side of my stomach, right below my ribcage. No idea what it is. It's sharp, strong, and really fast. If I twist wrong then it will happen. My guess is that my insides are being pushed up way faster than normal this time and that's causing it? It's happened on my right side a few times as well, but it's usually on my left, a few times a day. It makes me jump every time. Another thing to mention to the doctor at my next appointment, November 19th, I suppose. So far away! During that appointment he should order my ultrasound so I can schedule it shortly after. Can't wait for the big ultrasound!!

That's all I've got for now! More or less me babbling on about... stuff. =-)

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