Friday, February 15, 2013

30 Week Update

30 weeks!! Can you believe it?! Actually, I'm slightly behind. I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow. I'm still in my 30th week, so I figured it was FINALLY time I do an update. There's so much to say, so this may end up being kinda long. I'm going to backtrack a tad as well. But not too far, so don't worry!!! On with the fun... First I'll share a couple shots of my big ol' belly.

30 weeks 5 days Pregnant with Twins
Jaren was mad because he wanted me to hold him.

I'm measuring around 39 weeks here. Biggest I've ever been! Oh, And I weigh a whopping 145lbs!!! I started at 105.

Ultrasound... My last ultrasound was when I was 29 weeks 4 days, so it's been a week and 2 days from now. The boys still looked great. This was the first time they didn't measure the same, but I know that the bigger they get, the harder it is to weigh them. Bryson weighed 3lbs 6oz. Really it was only his stomach that measured a little smaller, but he is pretty darn squished in there unlike Caiden who takes up most of the room. Caiden weighed in at 3lbs 11oz. They are both still measuring a week ahead. Definitely taking after their poppy! Probably good since I'm so small, though it makes the pregnancy much harder on their mommy! This is the most baby weight that I carried... not to mention the two placentas, two sacs with amniotic fluid and whatever else is in there! My body is not taking it all that well. Both boys still look completely healthy. We didn't get any pictures because they were both breech and looking toward my back. Bryson did get the hiccups once, so we saw him squirming around. He didn't look to happy about it either. Oh, and cervix length was 3.8. It went down from my normal 4.5, but still nothing to worry about, yet.

On to my 30 week appt (which was 30 weeks, 2 days). I still have my bazillion contractions. They're always worse at night. The doctor has been checking me every week to make sure I'm not dilated or anything. Well, since things still looked good at the ultrasound, he didn't check me. Once again he told me that the contractions are just a part of this pregnancy. My uterus is just cranky... Continue to take it easy, etc... I asked him when I will be done with my progesterone shots and he said 34 weeks. Not many more!!! Thank goodness because the injection area is super bruised and lumpy and it just really hurts now. They've been fine for a while, but I think they finally caught up and are now completely sore. I can manage that and the contractions, though, as long as these boys stay still for another few weeks.

At 30 weeks 4 days, 2 days after my appt, I started having contractions every 2 minutes apart. They weren't super painful, but they were frequent and they did take my breath away. I can usually get them up to 5 minutes apart some nights and a bath or water can slow them down, but this time nothing slowed them. I finally called and they sent me to l&d. The nurse was awesome. She had so much patience. It took FOREVER for her to find both babies. Well, she found them both, but it took forever to find their different heartbeats so she could monitor them. She had to call another nurse in to help her. Apparently their heartbeats were so similar that it was hard to distinguish the two. Finally she got them and left me laying there for 20-30 minutes, without moving for fear we'd lose the heartbeats again, so she could monitor us and see what was going on. Sure enough, I was having contractions every few minutes. Every 8 minutes or so I would have stronger ones and in between those I would have a couple small ones. She gave me a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions, which didn't work and just made my heart race, but it was worth a try. She also did an exam and tests to see if I was possibly in labor. The fFN test came back negative, which is great news and should mean I am good for another week or two and she also checked for any infections, which came back negative as well. Yay! But when she checked my cervix I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. That scared me because it means the contractions are doing a little something down there. I know you can sit at this for weeks and be just fine, but last week I wasn't dilated and I was 0% effaced. They strapped me up again, which took a bit to get both babies settled once again, and made me lay there without moving again for another 30 minutes. The babies' hearts looked great, but the contractions continued. The on-call doctor, who I never even saw, said she felt great about the fFN test and felt I should be good until my 31 check-up with my regular doctor. I thought she'd put me on bed rest, but she didn't. I'm not doing much anymore, anyway. I want these boys to, at the very least, make it to 34 weeks, 36 would be so much better though. She also said that she wants me to come in before 34 weeks to get the steroid shots to help the babies' lungs, since it seems I will be delivering them somewhat early. I guess that also depends on if my doctor feels the same way about the steroid shots. You never know. Doctors are so different. The nurse thought the doctor would put me on Procardia to help with the contractions, but she said it's not needed at the moment. Basically she sent me home having lots of contractions and nothing to do about it. That's fine though because I have faith all will be good because of the negative fFN test. Overall, I was there for about 3-4 hours. It was nice to at least check out the hospital since I'd never been there before.

Contractions are still coming and going, but they haven't been as bad since that night. The on-call doctor told me that unless my water breaks, there's blood, or the contractions get super strong (since they were considered mild) then I should come in. She said that I'm just stuck with all these contractions, which is the same thing my regular doctor said as well. As long as I make it just 3 more weeks I think I'm OK. Wow. That really isn't that far away. Hopefully we'll go longer than 34 weeks though so there won't be any NICU time whatsoever.

Oh! And I had my baby shower! It was super fun. There were maybe 10 to 15 who came and we (or I did) had a blast. The desserts were perfect and I got so many cute outfits, blankets, towels, diapers, and several more things. Olivia took a few pictures, so I will share them with you all!


Obviously I don't have a picture of everything up here, but here's a few pictures that turned out cute (Olivia took the pictures...). It was super fun and I'm truly grateful for my ward for doing this for me. They help me out so much. A couple people come to help me clean, I get meals at least once a week, and they help me watch Jaren when I have an appointment. Love my ward and the new friends I've made here in Bend. Speaking of which, I have a girls night tonight watching a chick flick at a friends house. Should be super fun!!

There's still so much I need to do and get, but yet I've been slacking horribly. I did order the 2nd car seat today, now I need to focus on washing clothes, getting the room set up, and washing the swing, other car seat, bouncer, etc... Wish me luck!


  1. That is an awesome pic of me...and of Brooke. Thank you for that! ;-)
    See ya tonight!

  2. Teehee. I know. I wanted to show who came and that was the only picture Olivia got of you guys on that couch. ;-)