Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Appointment Fail

I went in yesterday for my 31 week appointment. I was extremely curious of what my doctor would say about my labor & delivery trip. Well, he didn't even have a clue. Had no idea I even went in. He asked if I was put on procardia to help with the contractions, and if they did an ultrasound to check the length of my cervix (sorry, Lee). I said nope to both but told him the nurse did check me and I was 1 cm dilated. So now I'm taking procardia every 8 hours and I will be doing that until 36 weeks. He didn't check me to see if I progressed anymore, I thought he would. He felt good that the fFN test was negative as well and said if it's true to its word then I should be good for another week and couple days. He told me it's crucial that I make it 2 more weeks and 5 days, which would put me at 34 weeks. After that we can relax. So I'm not allowed to do much at all until then. He also said that at 34 weeks we will be finished with the progesterone shots, but by 36 weeks, when I stop procardia, he doesn't care if I start dancing around the house to go into labor. Lol

Well, after my talk with him. The nurse came back in to give me my progesterone shot. I have a huge lump on my left side, we alternate sides each week, but it was lefties turn so I sucked it up. When the nurse first started, it burned, bad. I mean, it's never fun, but this was way worse. She slowed down once I nearly jumped off the floor. As soon as she was finished I started coughing. I felt a burning sensation going through my body and the cough got worse as I was walking out of the room. They didn't seem concerned, just told me to get water on my way out. I went out to the van and sat on the ground coughing so bad that I could barely breath. I almost threw up several times. I was lightheaded and felt as if I was going to pass out. It took a while for me to actually get in the van and drive home. I was still having problems breathing, but the coughing slowed down. I called the nurse because I still felt terrible, still was coughing, and just didn't feel normal. I have been having these shots since 18 weeks and never had any reaction like this. The nurse told me that it wasn't normal and if I continued to have problems breathing then to go to the ER. Needless to say, although I only had two shots to go, the doctor decided that I will have to take the progesterone a different way from now on. So starting next Monday I get to take a daily dose of it instead of getting the shots. Hopefully that will work better because this scared me to death. My tongue is now swollen and my throat is killing me, so I suppose I had an allergic reaction to it, though I don't know why because they've been fine before. Hopefully the daily dose won't give me any issues. Going off of progesterone can jump start labor and 32 weeks is still too early to have these babies.

Overall, I feel terrible. Walking hurts, sitting up for too long hurts, I'm so tired all the time, my ribs hurt, pelvic bone hurts, contractions are still coming regularly (despite the procardia and progesterone), breathing is getting harder. I can only breath well when I lay on my left side. I could keep going, but I've already made myself sound like a wuss. We're so close to the end and I couldn't be happier that I get to meet my boys soon enough! Can't wait to see their faces and hold them close. I can handle all my pains and troubles so long as they get to sleep in the hospital room with me and I can hold them soon after birth instead of them being rushed to the NICU. Just a few more weeks, boys!!


  1. Holy moly girl! Don't move! Stay in bed and have someone serve you day and night! And for Pete's sake why are you driving yourself to and from the doctors? If I didn't have four kids 24-7 I would totally do it for you, someone should be there holding your hand. Take it easier would ya! We want to cuddle these babies! Love ya!

  2. Yeah, not been a fun few days. It seems since I hit 30 weeks things have just went way downhill. We can do it though! Someone watches Jaren for me when I go in to appointments, so that's good. Normally I don't have a problem driving, but I almost called someone to pick me up yesterday because I was in bad shape. Granted, if I didn't fill like driving was a good idea I would have just went right back into the office to talk to the nurses. I almost did but I wanted to go home. I waited a good bit before I left though. It was no fun. Still isn't. Can barely eat and drink because of my tongue and throat. Bleh. :-P