Sunday, March 24, 2013

36 Weeks With Twins

Yeah, I realize I suck at keeping up with updates. I can tell you all kinds of excuses, but I'll save both of our time and just say 'I'm lazy!'

Can you guys believe I've made it to 36 weeks?! How crazy and amazing is that?! We were so sure I wouldn't make it past 34 weeks, but here I am, miserable as can be, still cooking these boys! I guess my prayers were definitely answered! I wanted them to stay put to avoid the NICU and that's what they seem to be doing. Yeah, I've had my selfish moments where I'm screaming in my head, "Get out of there, already!" But we're doing great!

I'm completely off the progesterone and procardia. Yay! The doctor has even told me that at 36 weeks he doesn't care what I do. I can start dancing around the house if I want to. Yeah, if only you could see me now. Laying in my bed with terrible pelvic pain! Don't think I'll be breaking out the Dance Central today... or any day soon, actually. It's very tempting though! Maybe I'm still pregnant because I can hardly move and am always laying down. Makes me want to jump up and run a couple miles to get things going. Sigh...

Contractions are back with full force. Granted, even on the procardia they never really went away, just slowed down. I get one pretty much every 7-15 minutes. They don't let up, but they're not strong enough to send me to labor and delivery. Just my cranky uterus acting up again. Friday night I almost thought it was the night! They were coming every 4 minutes and they were pretty darn strong. Even my back was killing me! Yeah, as soon as I let Lee know what was going on, they became further apart and weaker. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut until it's time to go. Heck, since I've woken up they've not been too comfortable and between 5-10 minutes all day today. If only they'd be more consistent and get stronger...

Other issues... Loads of pressure, especially today, lots of contractions, wanting to nest but can't do crap because I'm just so big and sore. Heck, at 33 weeks Bryson was weighing 5lbs 4oz and Caiden 5lbs 9oz. They're still measuring ahead. We have another growth ultrasound tomorrow. I fear they may be getting close to 7 pounds. Don't get me wrong! That's fantastic! But I can't hold much more! They have no room as is. They can barely even move! Man, when they do it feels like they're trying to break out. When Bryson stretches I'm surprised he doesn't fall out he's so low. He's my little hiccup man. Always has them and then gets mad and goes crazy in there.

More pains... My entire lower stomach feels like a huge bruise. Oh, and my thighs. Just barely touching it hurts it's so sensitive. My pants hurt when they touch it so I have to wear them really low. Also my c-section scar burns! Which stinks for my pants there too because it's so low. I should just live in dresses. Besides, it's not like many of my maternity shirts actually cover up this big thing, anyway. I'm measuring around 43 weeks pregnant. Will find out for sure tomorrow. Lately I've been afraid to ask and he doesn't say unless I do. Don't blame him.

My autoimmune disease I have has been flaring up. This makes things so much worse. I should be hearing from my GI doctor tomorrow. He wanted to run tests before they decide what to do. Should have the results by tomorrow. I will be talking to my OBGYN doctor about it tomorrow as well. Gonna be lots of meds again. I was so happy to be in remission for most of my pregnancy and since my insurance wasn't paying for my meds I was on anymore I just stopped taking them. Safer for the babies, right? Not so sure now. Now that I'm flaring-up, it's sucking a lot out of me. So we'll see what everyone says tomorrow. Should be a big day with my OB appt, ultrasound, and talking with the GI! Oh the joy!

Either way, as miserable and in pain that I am in, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so excited and so blessed to be having twins. I can't wait until they're in my arms and I can see their little faces and kiss their noses. I get all excited just thinking about it. :-)

Sorry, no pictures today. I'm too lazy and sore to bother at the moment. :-P

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