Monday, March 25, 2013


Today makes 36 weeks and two days pregnant with twins. I have 10 more days until my scheduled c-section. Yay!! Was quite the busy day today. I went in at 9am to my checkup and the doctor did his normal thing. I'm measuring 42 weeks pregnant. Meaning I'm huge and uncomfortable.

The doctor asked about movement and I told him that I don't feel Caiden (baby b) nearly as much. He decided to send me over to triage at the hospital so that both babies could be monitored for about 30 minutes with a non stress test. Caiden passed, but Bryson didn't quite meet the requirements. Also, I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes apart. Not super painful though, just there and quite annoying. They sent me in for a biophysical, which is an ultrasound to check kick counts and watch the babies practice breathing, etc. They both did well and passed. They were also measured, which took forever and was super painful for me. Bryson's head is really low and they had a really hard time measuring it. Then Caiden's stomach was buried under my ribs. They had a rough time but the estimate in weight for Bryson is 6lbs 5oz and Caiden's is 6lbs 8oz. Huge!!! Amazing that my twins will be my biggest babies yet! Granted, I know these are just estimates, but still!

So my morning appointment started at 9am and I finally got to leave triage at 1pm. Thank goodness for spring break and the kids being home to help with Jaren! Since the boys passed, the doctor felt OK to send me home, even with my crazy amounts of contractions. I wasn't checked, so I have no idea if I've dilated any more or what. Basically, until I can't talk or walk through contractions I get to sit at home and hope that I can actually tell when I'm in labor. I don't want it to progress too far because it would be dangerous since I've had two c-sections already. So let's just hope that when the real deal starts, I will know for sure. Either way, my doctor is awesome for sending me in. So glad to see and hear that both of my boys are do really well even though they have no room at all. I think I'd be stressing out if it were me. So... Who knows if I will go in to labor soon or actually make it until April 4th. 10 days really isn't that far off... So exciting!!

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